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Jen By Design is your one-stop shop for all your design and branding needs.

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Balance is Key.

JEN by Design is a Media Firm designed to supplant and/or assist a Media Department for companies of any size. We understand the need to have a go-to designer to help with everyday marketing needs. No project is too large or too small. We can help you from the start of your brand or pick up where you need us. We have over 18 years of professional industry experience. 

What People are Saying

I’m a creative person.  I do art, music, dance, poetry and all the things.  However, when it comes to logo design, business concept and strategy, web design and marketing, my brain stalls out and I become stuck.  For over 12 years Jen has been the time-tested and proven remedy to my “block”.  She is innovative and artistic in SO many more ways than I thought possible.  Jen offers a multitude of dimensions to her clients’ creative processes and can help anyone out of a creative funk.


Jen worked for and with me for several years. During that time she taught me many simple things that made a huge impact on my side projects. She problem solves confidently, well, and quickly with websites and design management. She built a national distribution e-commerce website and was able to meet any of our challenging requests. We were always impressed with her social media ads as well as our band-building needs.


Jen, where do I start? Such a great person, so many things. Jen was so patient with me when we worked together. I would try to speak my vision and she would listen and could see it. When she created my logos and product labels, her vision exceed my expectations and made my ideas 1000 percent better. I will hire her every time I need any creative artwork and digital miracles. She is not only My artist, but she is also a good friend.